Easy interview scheduling
for recruiters.

Scheduling interviews between many participants can be a breeze

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Match busy calendars in multiple timezones

Synchronize schedules effortlessly across global timezones. Say goodbye to time zone confusion and hello to hassle-free, worldwide coordination.

Collect availability efficiently

Streamline scheduling by enabling candidates to manually input availability or seamlessly sync with external platforms like Calendly and Google Calendar.

Schedule for your clients or share the links

Schedule on behalf of your clients and candidates or simply share their availability links created in Bettermeeting. Clients and candidates are not required to have a Bettermeeting account to create availability links.

Coordinate open slots across an infinite number of participants

Manage your client's interviews in one interface regardless of how the meeting was scheduled

Manage interviews

Keep track and full control of all interviews your clients scheduled with candidates and vise versa. No more calls slipping through the cracks.

Make sure nobody
misses a meeting

Bridge the gap between recruiters, interviewers and candidates, preventing double bookings and securing top talent efficiently.

Integrate with top ATS

(coming soon)

Interviews are the core part of your recruiting pipeline. Sync interviews into your Applicant Tracking System to have complete process data.